Friday, 13 October 2017

Chatty wee post

OK. Things been pretty busy of late and my blog has suffered a little. I still get quite a few hits some days, usually when I link to a particular page through my Twitter account. I could get more, but sometimes I just put the main content on to a meme and just post it direct. So numbers aren't the big thing. 

The summer saw evangelistic activity in Dublin city centre and also at Knock RC Shrine. I took in a week at the Galway Races in July, and also at the National Ploughing Championships along with others. The good seed of the word was sown and we look to the Lord to bring forth the increase. 

Doing a lot of preaching this weather. The FPC has many vacant pulpits and, along with deputation meetings, I get a fair bit of requests to preach in our various churches. If I were so inclined, I could probably preach the same 6 messages round the various pulpits each year. But I am not and therefore I don't. I try to prepare fresh messages each week, but I do confess to the odd overlap. Which preacher doesn't? Next month, I am for a weekend in Bridlington in Yorkshire and plans are afoot for a month in Uganda in Africa. 

Immediate preaching plans are as follows: Preach tonight in Rasharkin FPC at their Harvest/Missionary night. Preach on the Lord's Day (x2) in Sixmilecross FPC. Be part of a team going down to Athlone for a Reformation themed night on Monday and then, possibly, back to Dublin for some more outreach. In the planning process of a gospel mission in a RC border town in Co. Fermanagh too. Will need to get some flyers ready etc. 

Over the month of August, I got the opportunity to speak for 4 Lord's Days on the local radio station. Each message lasted around 13 minutes. I preached a series on Hebrews 11:7 "By faith, Noah etc." Usually the radio is the only opportunity that I have to preach a series. Outside the school assembly on Mondays. Doing a short series on Jonah. 

Still buying a few books in the various second hand bookshops. Recent bargains include the McArthur Study Bible (hard back) for a mere £1.00 and also volume two of Martyn Lloyd Jones biography by Ian Murray for the same giveaway price. 

Currently reading: Calvin's commentary on the Psalms (up to Psalm 39) and RL Dabney's works (Vol. 2) - lots of stuff from the War between the States in there. Just finished 4 sermons by MLJ on the Magnificat which were very good. I have a bookmark in the odd volume of Bishop Joseph Hall's sermons which I occasionally dip into from time to time. Secular reading includes Austerity Britain (David Kynaston) which makes for great social history. Along with the BBC History magazine which is good, but only to a point. Typical BBC with its left wing bias and continually casting doubt on the reality of Luther nailing his thesis to the door in Wittenburg certainly hasn't encouraged me to renew my subscription. Might give it a rest for a while. They made everyone "the best ever subscription offer" but it doesn't match the offer that I am on, so  that kind of thing doesn't help. But the Luther bit really gets on my Protestant goat. 

So that's it for a while. Must get back again to the one minute podcasts. 

See you around.